Monday, January 21, 2008

Extracting RAR files

So, you come across this wonderful website that gives you free games. You have trouble time downloading throu terrible speed of megaupload or waiting period between rapidshare so you buy yourself a premium account.

What to do next? This tutorial has been for you, newbie’s out there who can’t find a way to extract the games you have downloaded.

Rip games extractions from RAR archives:

1. get all the archives you downloaded in 1 folder, right click in the folder and choose "New folder", rename it to lets say "Civilization 4" <<(example) Then right click on one of the archives and choose to extract it in the Civilization 4 folder. 2. If you get asked to input a password, do so, they are normally found under the topic which you got the game from, if its not there ask the person who posted the game for it. 3. Go to the folder you just extracted the files to, now normally you will see more rar archives or sometimes you want. If you see a MSDOS program that looks like this...

DOUBLE CLICK IT!!!! this will install the game for you...
4. In case you don’t see it, keep on extracting the archives until you see it.
In some cases, you will need to high light all the archives and extract them all in 1 certain folder.
Example: I find no MS-Dos program but I see more archives named CIV 1 and CIV 2, I extract CIV 1 and still see no MS Dos thingy, so I go back, high light them both (short cut Ctrl + A) then extract them.

5. Your done with the RIP, all you have to do is wait for the extractor to finish. Note down that if u see more than 1 MS-DOS application, you must run them both, run all the MS-DOS applications there are.

Topic makers normally write if the game they posted is a RIP or not a rip so make sure you check that out.