Friday, February 8, 2008

Abe Lincoln Must Die

87 MB

What starts out as a typical job rescuing the President of the United States from a dastardly plot takes a bizarre turn when a three-story statue of Abraham Lincoln begins terrorizing the populace! Abe Lincoln Must Die, and it's up to Sam & Max to make it happen!

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Mahjong Cultures Deluxe

19 MB

Download Mahjong Cultures Deluxe and play on your PC any time you want, whether or not you're online.

But that's not all you get! Mahjong Cultures Deluxe is packed with new features:

* 2 modes: Classic and Rivers
* Play in fullscreen
* 5 different worlds
* Get the fastest time in Time Trial

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Moorhuhn Soccer

22 MB

You want to go the whole hog, be it in the game or elsewhere? In that case, why not get the full version right away? It will be available in specialist shops everywhere as from May 2006.
The full version contains the following features:

* Moor Kick - a great shoot-out on the pitch to kill your aggression. Yippeeeee ...
* Power Goal - bicycle kicks don't have to lead to bruises, not when Moorhuhn is involved ...
* masses of cool, exclusive bonus materials
* great kicking and shooting fun galore

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Real Air SF260

16 MB

The challenge when designing this aircraft was not only to create an aerobatic, lively and highly entertaining machine, but to also make sure this SF260 was completely smooth, controllable and able to cruise superbly well. We have gone to much trouble to ensure that this aircraft is not only light to the touch and great fun to fly, just like the real SF260, but also capable of great finesse and subtlety. You will find the controls very responsive, but at the same time allowing a very fine degree of control to be applied to all stages of flight. You can set a precise climb speed with trim, and this aircraft will hold that speed exactly, from 100 to 12,000 ft or so. Conversely, this aircraft is also capable of rolling at 120 degrees per second at high speed, and looping at up to 6 positive G.

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Shade: Wrath Of Angels

315 MB
Shade: Wrath of Angels boasts 30 levels of intense action, featuring environments from the modern day, Middle-Ages, Ancient Egypt and the mysterious Shadowland. The player takes on the role of a secretive ex-military mercenary, who receives a letter from his brother asking to meet him in an old Eastern European town. Once there the player finds the town strangely quiet - until he discovers dead bodies, frighten soldiers and scientists running away from the town. It is at this point that the player first meets a sinister shadow being that offers him help and guidance for his adventure. As well as his advice, the shadow figure gives the player his servant – the Demon, which the gamer can morph into at anytime and whose physical strength and magic attacks will play an important part of the adventure.

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Theme Hospital

150 MB
The game is set in a hospital, and requires the player to build an environment which will attract patients with comical complaints, illnesses, emergencies, and diseases. The game has a somewhat dark sense of humour, which is similar to that of Theme Park in many ways. The player has no direct control over the patients that wander the hospital, although gameplay largely centers on influencing their actions in one way or another. The player does, however, have the ability to pick up any staff member in the building and move them to a different area (to speed up their movement from place to place) and to expel any patients from the hospital (if they are being a nuisance, causing rowdiness or about to die and affect the hospital's statistics)

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Part 1
Part 2

Extreme Demolition

40 MB

Extreme Demolition is THE car demolition game, featuring
no less than 6 games modes, including ‘Death-Match’
and ‘Capture the Flag’!

With Extreme Demolition, Xing Interactive invites you to
forget the highway code and let off steam at your heart’s
content! Faithful to its name, the game offers 6 explosive
action modes: Death-Match, Last Man Standing, Bomb-tag,
Football, Time-Attack and Capture the Flag. The game i
ncludes more than 10 different weapons and features an
astounding “Bullet Time” slow motion effect.

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Mysteryville 2

21 Mb
If you play the same hidden object game a few times, you eventually know where most objects are placed. Then the game looks more like a memory game... With The Mover all objects are set on a different place in a few seconds. Totally at random, the computer determines the locations. Sometimes an object is partially hidden behind another object: so it won't be easy! You'll find the Mover in the map of the game.

English version (Mover included):

Soldner X Himmelssturmer

452 MB