Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sudoku Up 2007 v1.6

Sudoku Up 2007 is a high-quality collection of Sudoku Puzzles. Sudoku Up 2007 includes thousands of different puzzles, so the game remains fresh no matter how many times you play. Enjoy the detailed statistics of each game. Graphs, 3D pie and bar charts and tables estimate your skill level. Chart by total, current session, series of wins and losses, players games won, players score, hi-scores, statistics for all games, won and lost games, not played games. For Sudoku lovers, Sudoku Up 2007 is a guaranteed pleasure. Each of the games is fun and exciting and will keep you entertained for hours.

Version 1.6 allows you to print the Sudoku grids. You can print the current game or a range of games, by number or by level of difficulty. You can also print the game solutions.

file size:5mb
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Magi v1.2.2

Magi is a cross between RTS and RPG, yet it is very different from other games of that genres, actually it's a genre of its own.

In Magi the player creates a wizard (choosing from various available classes, attributes and styles) and immerses in series of magical duels in a never-ending pursuit for the power and immortality. Magical spells and projectiles, sumoning mythical creatures and calling spirits to curse the opponent are common ways to victory in Magi.

Game features:
• 10 playable professions - each with different set of special skills.
• Over 50 different spells and abilities. Each balanced and designed to be as useful as others.
• Challenging AI-controlled opponents.
• Difficulty that adjusts to the skill and progress of the player.
• Particle effects making for a great visualisation of the magical spells.
• Epic music by Rob Westwood.
• Short and intensive battles.
• Balanced and challenging gameplay. Many different strategies to try - each has its advantages.

file size:
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Gems Legend: Mystery of the 8 figures

The story begins in the year 1923. Deep in the jungle, a girl by the name of Sasha is searching rare flowers. Sasha finds a marking on the ground that signifies an ancient temple. She quickly throws all reason aside and ventures off to investigate.

Match 3 with a new unique game mechanic.
Easy to learn, you don’t need to be a skilled match 3 player.
60 levels with compelling tasks, 8 hidden figures, beautiful backgrounds

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file size: 26mb

Painkiller Black Edition

Daniel Garner is back in a “Black Edition” including both the original awards-winning game and its expansion pack “Battle out of Hell”. Now is the time to discover the thrilling game acclaimed by all journalists and players during the last major international tournaments (Electronic Sports World Cup, Dallas CPL…). Pure adrenalin and awesome graphics: the perfect adrenalin
shoot of this end of year!

* OS: Windows 98\ME\2000\XP
* CPU: 1.5 GHz Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon processor
* RAM: 384 MB
* CD-ROM or DVD-ROM speed: 4x
* Hard Drive space: 1.2 GB available
* Video: 64 MB DirectX 8.1 compatible video card (NVIDIA GeForce 3 or better)
* Sound: DirectX 8.1b or better compatible sound card

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Looking for an explosive, pop-frenzy good time? Then look no further. Pop-A-Tronic is a fast paced, arcade puzzler packed with explosive challenges and four fun gameplay modes to explore. All this and a bag of tricks, including the Charge Bomb and the Color Transmutation Device, make this a must play for casual gamers everywhere.

file size(10.6 MB)
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Bigfish pre-release Look for the differences - game with many mini puzzles

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Cathy's Caribbean Club v1.0

Cathy is spending her holidays on a cruise in the Caribbean. By a twist of fate she gets left behind and ends up serving smoothies in a club in one of the Caribbean's most exclusive beaches. Play fifty different levels and watch Cathy's story unfold in the Adventure mode, play at your own pace in Relaxed Mode, or take your chances in the random Crazy Mode, which will give you a different experience every time you try it! The choice is yours with Cathy's Caribbean Club!

file size: 17mb
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BABY LUV - Dash Game!

Customize and create your perfect baby. Play tons of mini-games to teach your new baby skills for life. Baby Luv will have you falling in love with the cutest baby you`ve ever seen. Play hide and seek, feed and take care of her. Experience the joys of her first steps, her first words, first laugh and all of the fun of baby`s first year.

file size:47mb
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Hide & Secret

The villain Jacques and his henchman Toadie, have stolen the Treasures of the Ages to harness their mystical powers in an evil plan to rule the world. You must help Will Scout and Anna Lyze on their quest to defeat Jacques and rescue the treasures. Only by finding items, following clues and escaping Jacques' sinister traps will you find his secret hidden base! Follow these entertaining characters in their humorous adventure through 30 locations across the globe to rescue the Treasures of the Ages!

file size:33mb
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Solaris 104 v1.0

In the future, many alien races battle fiercely for the galaxy's colonization. Earth sent its most powerful armada to recover four strategic sectors. You, as the rookie pilot 104, assigned to join the greatest and most dangerous mission. Codename:".SOLARIS".

Fourteen stages with a wide range of alien menaces generated with pre-rendered graphics to test your skills, SOLARIS 104 brings back the good "old-school" arcade side-scrolling shooting action with a flavor of today's technology in this brand new game for the PC.

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Nanda's Island

A dry island somewhere in the vastness of the ocean has been completely deserted except for the young panda Nanda. After years without rain, all animals have left the idyllic island one by one.
Meanwhile, the whole flora has dried up. But Nanda refuses to give up and has made it his objective to save the island with his shaman's knowledge and transform it back into the paradise it used to be.
The young panda's specialty - alas, it is also the only ritual he has mastered yet - is his rain dance. With that dance he wants to supply the island with sufficient water. Unfortunately, the young shaman's abilities are still lacking in many ways, so he is only able to summon a rather small cloud so far.

English version:

German version:

MeggieSoft Canasta v2008.71019

The MeggieSoft Games rendition of Canasta is a two-player game, fully supporting both the "Classic Canasta" and the "Modern American Canasta" rule sets.

file size:2.3 mb


The Witcher is a computer role-playing game in development for the PC by CD Projekt. Based on the book series of the same name by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, the game uses BioWare's proprietary Aurora Engine.

The Witcher follows the story of Geralt, a man who becomes a "witcher" — a travelling monster hunter for hire gifted with unnatural powers. Taking place in a medieval world, the game implements detailed visuals. The natural light during various phases of the day is realistically altered, and the day and night transitions serve to enrich the game's ambience. The weather can dynamically change from a light drizzle to a dark, stormy downpour accompanied by thunder and lightning.

file size:4.4gb (DVD ISO)
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Collapse! Crunch

Collapse like you've never collapsed! Four new Collapse! game modes to sink your mouse into. Crank out some clicks in CRUNCH, bust some blocks in BIG, zero in on the fun in ZIGZAG, and puzzle over PERPLEXOR

CRUNCH: Don't get crunched! Blocks Race in from all sides in a dizzying swirl of fun.
BIG: A twist on the classic! More columns equals more blocks! Can you handle it?
PERPLEXOR: Carefully crafted clicks will solve these perplexing puzzles!
ZIGZAG: Strategy mode with a twist! Staggered blocks rise a row for every click!
Play Offline and Full Screen

file size:5mb
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Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica is a top-down space combat game set in the universe of the hugely popular sci-fi television show.

Sign up to defend the Galactica, or play as the ruthless Cylons as they seek to remove the human menace from existence. Take part in enormous multiplayer space battles – up to 8 players online – or play through the single-player campaign.

Product Features
10 single-player mission campaign featuring a wide variety of Battlestar pilot missions
Each side, Human and Cylon, have four different ships to choose from including the Viper II and Cylon Raider. All ships have machine guns, missiles, a unique weapon, and a special defense mode Multiplayer modes include Domination (capture and hold tactical points), Deathmatch (kill everyone else), Team Deathmatch (kill the other team). Players can choose their favorite ship for multiplayer.

file size:125 mb
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Bigger, smoother and more in-depth than ever, Football Manager 2008 is packed full of so much newness it could well take a lifetime to discover every new feature. Finance Revamp, International Management , Match Flow, Easier to Use, Match Engine Improvements and more!

Files Types : MDS & MDF

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Reflexive Absolute Blue v1.0

Fight to save mankind in this fantastic shooter! With 60 sectors of pure adrenaline pumping action, awesome graphics and sound, this game is sure to please. You can improve your ship with upgrades and power-ups to transform it into the devastating battle force neded to confront the endless waves of enemy fighters and creatures that will cross your path... Fans of classical shooting games may rejoice. Absolute Blue is THE classical horizontal shoot'em'up game of the new millenium.

Fight to save mankind in this fantastic shooter! With 60 sectors of pure adrenaline pumping action, awesome graphics and sound, this game is sure to please. You can improve your ship with upgrades and power-ups to transform it into the devastating battle force neded to confront the endless waves of enemy fighters and creatures that will cross your path... Fans of classical shooting games may rejoice. Absolute Blue is THE classical horizontal shoot'em'up game of the new millenium.

file size:57.3 mb
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