Monday, January 21, 2008

how to mount game images (ISOs)

Game images:

Cue, ISO, Bwt, Cdi, b5t, ccd, mds, nrg, pdi

No, those are not coded demonic messages, those are file types to look for.

You have downloaded A game called "Blah", yes Blah
the game had 4 CD's, you wasted days downloading it then all you see is 1 files called Blah.ISO and u think, what the f@#k??????
Do not fear, I highly recommend downloading ISO's, and all those type of files because they are normally stolen from an original CD.

1. Quit staring at the file, it wont do an interesting trick
2. go to

and download the latest version of Daemon tools
3. Setup the program and I hope u already know how to set up a program...
4. It will ask you to restart after you set it up, do so. When you are computer is back to normal, run daemon tools if it aint already running if the icon is green, skip step number 5
5. Right click on daemon tools and choose emulation then all options on, the red daemon tools icon should go green
6. Right click on daemon tools and go to Virtual CD/DVD-ROM then go to set number of devices, then choose 4 devices
7. If you go to my computer you will notice 4 new CD ROMs, that’s the whole point of this program, to make a virtual CD-ROM and fool the computer as if you already have the CD
8. Once more, Right click on daemon tools and go to Virtual CD/DVD-ROM then Device 0:[G] no Media, now it will ask you to choose what file you want to mount, find where Blah.ISO is and mount it, straight away it will start running like you just inserted a CD.
9. If there is more than 1 file for example: Blah-cd1.ISO Blahcd2.iso
Mount the first CD on G, and the second on H, let G run, half way it is going to ask you for a CD2, where it says choose driver, Type in H and it will find CD 2 straight away.