Monday, February 11, 2008

Tomb Raider: Anniversary

Tomb Raider: Anniversary, previously known as Tomb Raider: 10th Anniversary Edition, is the latest release of the Tomb Raider series. It is a remake of the original Tomb Raider game from 1996, using an improved version of the Legend game engine[1] and it includes all the original 'worlds' from Tomb Raider.[1]

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Assault Heroes

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Crysis bonus

As tension rises between the two nations, a massive alien ship reveals
itself in the middle of the island. The ship generates an immense force
sphere that freezes a vast portion of the island and drastically alters the
global weather system. Now the US and North Korea must join forces to battle
the alien menace. With hope rapidly fading, you must fight epic battles
through tropical jungle, frozen landscapes, and finally into the heart of
the alien ship itself for the ultimate Zero G showdown.


Here's the Bonus DVD you get when you buy Crysis, it contains trailers,
screenshots and high resolution renders from the game.

Installation Information:

Just extract the archives and burn/mount with your favorite software.

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F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate, the second expansion pack for Windows
PC, offers both seasoned gamers and those who have never played
the original F.E.A.R. (First Encounter Assault Recon) the
ability to jump-in and experience the fright with a brand new
team in an all-new experience that presents a different
perspective of the events that occur at Armacham. The campaign
reveals a parallel story allowing players to take the role of a
different F.E.A.R. soldier and battle new enemies that the
original team never saw coming.

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Installation Notes

- Unpack .mdf and .mds file from /Mds folder
- Install Deamon-Tools version which is included in Tools dir
- Run newest version of YASU from Deamon-Tools directory
- Mount game in included Deamon-Tools
- Install
- When prompted for serial use: TAP9-WAB6-CAG3-MES7-6983
- Play



Control the toughest trucks on the planet to build foundations dig canals, clear trees, and more. Build, haul, and demolish your way through each job!

1:Burn to CDR or mount image 


hellgate london

London, 2038. According to legend, when the ravens depart the Tower of Ί
london, it will crumble to rubble and disaster will befall England. Ί
As man became more dependent on science, believing only in what he Ί
could define or create, ancient knowledge and rituals were lost to Ί
the antiquity of time.


Ί 1. Unpack Ί
Ί 2. Mount with Daemon Tools v4.06. Install file is in Tools dir Ί
Ί 3. Use the latest YASU version on Daemon Tools website Ί
Ί 4. Install and use this key : 75GU-Y6UV-7YSM-EHRF-0DZV-LAN0 Ί
Ί 5. Have fun :D

alarm for cobra pc game

1. Unrar.
2. Burn, or mount with Daemon Tools.
3. Install.
4. Copy the cracked files located in the Crack directory on the DVD to your
installation directory.
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S.R.A.C.S - Flt



BlackSite area 51

BlackSite: Area 51, developed by Midway Studios Austin, is a next-generation
game that will redefine the first person shooter (FPS) genre. While other
FPS titles claim to feature "action-packed, highly realistic gameplay,"
BlackSite: Area 51 takes next-gen gaming to an all-new level integrating
cutting edge technology, game design and story writing to create the
ultimate entertainment experience.

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1. Unrar.
2. Burn, or mount with Daemon Tools.
3. Install.
4. Copy the cracked file located in the Crack directory on DVD1 to your
installation directory.
5. Play the game.

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Hot Wheels Beat that (Rip)

149 MB
Put the pedal to the metal & show-off your racing skills in Hot Wheels Beat That! Speed, Power, Performance, and Attitude are what determine success here. With 30 awesome cars authentically modeled from the Hot Wheels design specs, you will need to use a combination of high-octane speed, precision driving skills, and competitive weaponry as you race your competition through life-size environments in your effort to claim 1st place. Choose your car,grab the wheel, and let her rip! Then challenge your friends to BEAT THAT!

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Cricket coach 2007

Back at the crease for the new season, Cricket Coach 2007 builds upon the popular Cricket Coach Pro game from last year. However this is certainly no data update, we have listened to feedback from fans and have added a whole host of new features. Along with the new features comes a brand new skin, plus a much bigger player database, with career stats correct to the present day!



Winning Eleven Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 - Iso Full

Not too long ago, I ran into a European games journalist at a press event. We said our hellos and talked about upcoming releases and the conversation eventually landed on Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007. At the mention of Pro Evolution (as Konami's stellar soccer franchise is called in Europe), his face lit up, he whipped out his cell phone and started playing video highlights of his all-time great goals.

Such is the outstanding gameplay of Winning Eleven, and when you score a great goal you want to savor it and show it off to your friends. It's a magnificent feeling to really crack one from distance or pull off the flip-flap with Ronaldinho to beat the keeper one-on-one. For soccer fans, that feeling is better than almost any other moment in other sports games. When's the last time someone whipped out their Blackberry to show you a replay in Madden?

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Swashbucklers Blue Vs Grey

236 Mb

Swashbucklers: Blue vs. Grey takes you into the Civil War era, for a unique take on naval battles. It's generally forgotten that the American Civil War marked the end of the age of Caribbean piracy. When the Union blockaded Southern ports, the Confederacy responded by issuing privateer patents -- licenses to commit piracy on Northern ships. This fleet of commercial raiders ran espionage operations, smuggled contraband through the blockade and fought in heated battles. Now you're in control of those events. Large variety of gameplay forms and challenges -- from 'beat' em up' style fights to pirate raids and naval battles Various options for ship upgrade - additional guns, red-hot cannonballs, powder rockets, Gatling guns and other 'high end' weapons of 19th century Variety of cold-steel weapons, combo moves and firearms to use and master Advanced role-playing system, allowing a numerous options to develop and master character's skills



King Of Clubs

231 Mb

The sun blazes down relentlessly here in the Nevada desert. Route
66 is nearby but not that many cars pass this way. You could say it’s
rather deserted... but all that is set to change because Big Bubba, the
state’s leading entrepreneur is about to transform this less than lively
location into a thriving tourist attraction! But y' know, you can't be
too careful.

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Manga Jongg

32 Mb

MangaJONGG is the latest incarnation of the famous traditional chinese boardgame. But MangaJONGG goes even further and combines two popular and well loved elements: fareast Manga graphicsstyle and the wellknown gameplay of the classic boardgame. ManagJONGG requires strategic thinking and a little luck and challenges the beginner as well as the seasoned Mahjong veteran. Different themeworlds provide you with hours and hours of fun and entertainment. Each tile is a little piece of art. You will find the traditional Mahjong tiles as well as tiles from themeworlds such as pirates, music, space, horses or sports.


Long Range Shooting Simulation

This simulation graphically displays how wind, altitude, and temperature affect the bullet in flight. The results for distance are given in both meters and yards.

Three calibers. Along with the standard .308, 175 grain, also practice with a Windrunner .338 and 50 caliber. The calculations for the .338 are based on a 250 grain bullet loaded and recommended by Black Hills Ammunition. Knock down targets out to 2000 yards with a 50 caliber Windrunner.

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Clive Barker's Jericho

1.06 G

Clive Barker’s Jericho™ is a terrifying squad-based horror FPS game based on an original concept and story by legendary horror writer and filmmaker Clive Barker, the creator of Hellraiser™. An ancient evil has broken through into our world and is threatening to spread its taint across the whole of the earth unless it’s stopped. At ground zero lies the Middle Eastern city of Al-Khali, a modern city built atop the ancient ruins of a dozen previous conquerors. Clive Barker’s Jericho delivers an overload of sensory horror. Players journey through hellish locations and slices of time combating gruesome and twisted enemies. A squad-based horror First Person Shooter, the Jericho of the title refers to the Jericho Team, a seven-man strike force that protects government interests from paranormal threats. Trained in both conventional warfare and the arcane arts, each Jericho Team member is an expert in different para-psychological disciplines, including telekinesis, pyromancy, blood magic and exorcism.

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Prison Tycoon 3 Lockdown

154 MB

Take the reigns of a privately run prison. You are responsible for the are custody and control of individuals who have been arrested. Begin with a low security prison and build it up to a SuperMax. From construction to daily operations you must protect soceity while turning a profit. Manage security levels food rations recreation opportunities and much more. How tough will you be? Hire trustworty guards and arm them with weapons riot shields and guard dogs to maintain peace and control. But keep you eye on your budget -underpay and organized crime will run rampant in your prison. New day and night gameplay allows you to monitor all activities 24/7. Keep a look out for escapees contraband and illegal activity.

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MX vs ATV Unleashed

Rainbow Studios has mastered ATV’s, conquered motocross, and now redefines the genre they built on the PC. Rainbow Studios isn’t the only one building anymore, as the MX vs ATV Unleashed franchise introduces a track editor for the first time, allowing players to create the ultimate offroad environments.

Race through miles of open terrain and vast environments in a multitude of vehicles vying to own the off-road. Immense freeworld areas boast a variety of specialized SuperMoto, Short track, Hill climb, and Waypoint races. Just when you think you’ve reached the pinnacle of racing, an assortment of freeworld challenges, freestyle competitions, and a variety of mini games await. Take on the racing world in an attempt to knock off motocross and ATV riders in over 50 technical supercross and rugged outdoor tracks. Throughout the season, motocross bikes and ATV’s collide on the same track to determine racing’s best machine.



International Cue Club

International Cue Club is a pool game for the PC, offering over a dozen different game types.


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry, Ron, and Hermione are back! The Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire vide ogame will release in November in conjunction with the Warner Bros. Pictures film based on J.K. Rowling's fourth book. Experience the thrilling moments of the movie and put your magic to the ultimate test in co-operative play with up to two friends.



MotoGP 2007

Experience the sheer passion, speed, excitement and spectacle of MotoGP, the most thrilling motor sport in the world! MotoGPÆ07 brings the excitement and energy of the fans and media into the game world like never before.

Installation Information:
Just extract the archives and burn/mount with your favorite software.
Install, copy our cracked content from DVD to game dir then play.



Harry Potter and The chamber of secret

Harry Potter is back for further adventures at Hogwarts in a game that combines levels that loosely recreate parts of the second book and others that are focused on conventional action-adventure mechanics.



Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive

You'll gather up a group of desperados to recover money stolen from a railroad, and then you progress through a series of clichéd plot twists centering on dirty dealing, double crossing, and lots of Mexican banditos led by a villain named El Diablo. Familiarity doesn't always breed contempt, though, and the game's atmosphere is engaging and even charming, precisely because it plays so well on our Hollywood vision of the West. Unfortunately, the vivid and inviting setting can't make up for some substantial gameplay flaws.

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Freight Tycoon Proper

Freight Tycoon Inc. is an economic simulation game which challenges players' management skills. It puts one into the shoes of an owner of a cargo transportation company.
One has to evaluate the profitability of contracts, contact customers, and appoint drivers to deliver goods.

Office development is also an essential part of success in business.
Employing and dismissing workers, buying new vehicles and keeping technical records competently. But one should be aware of rivals which are interested in forcing out your
company out of the market.

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Password : s7or4x