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Space Trader 1.0.9

Space Trader 1.0.9

In the far future humanity is ruled by 'The Ministry of Accounts', an oppressive bureaucracy that tracks, records and taxes every transaction of daily life. From the depths of Red Tape a new breed of marketeer arises to challenge the authority and make a profit: the Space Trader is born!

Game features:

  • 3 unique Challenges offering hours of replay value
  • 40 price-fluctuating commodities to trade
  • Over 100 characters to be found
  • 8 player multiplayer LAN support
  • Visit seven planet locations, their moons and stops along the way
  • Defend your money against MOA boardings for maximum profits!

System requirements:
  • Windows 2000/XP
  • DirectX 8
  • 766 MHz
  • 512 MB RAM
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Polly Pride Pet Detective 1.3

Polly Pride Pet Detective
With a new mysterious cosmetic factory opening in town, Polly the Pet Detective is on the ready when the town’s pets go missing. Everyone assumes the worst and it’s Polly’s job to right the wrongs and get the pets back to their frantic owners. Hidden object mayhem keeps the pets out of plain sight as you join Polly in her detective work. Look carefully through 96 unique scenes jam-packed with the wildest objects. You never know where one of the 90 missing pets may have found a new home! Unlock the town’s stores, homes, and even a tattoo parlor in 20 levels of snooping. Realistic sound effects, a captivating story, and beautiful illustrations are sure to keep any gumshoe on the case!

Game features:

  • 2 modes of play: story and arcade
  • 6 chapters with more than 5 levels per chapter
  • 18 beautiful search locations
  • 6 challenging locked puzzles

System requirements:
  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • DirectX 8
  • 400 MHz
  • 64 MB RAM
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Fashion Fits 1.2

Fashion Fits 1.2

Francie just got a new job at the Uber-Mart clothing store. The only problem is she's the only employee! Help Francie run a fast paced clothing store by stocking tables, cleaning fitting rooms, providing customer service, and more! It's up to you to set the fashion trends by purchasing new clothing. And don't worry about your mean boss! Complete the first year at Uber-Mart and then help Francie open up her own line of clothing stores from a sunny beach boutique to a posh department store!

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Game features:
  • Many fashion-filled levels.
  • Unique customer types.
  • Mannequin mini-game!

System requirements:
  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
  • DirectX 7
  • 800 MHz
  • 256 MB RAM
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Angels vs. Devils

Heaven and hell are not fashionable anymore; humans don't believe in them and don't pay them much attention. From the dawn of time, good and evil have fought each other through their influence over men, but now, all this power is disappearing.

The indifference of men requires immediate action, so God and Satan, bored of their old and eternal confrontation, have decided to measure their strengths more directly. They have decided to create some games to find out, once and for all, which is the more powerful. The winner will be able to appear physically before men and influence them directly.

The offspring of good and evil will fight one another, angels against demons, in a definitive battle to control the thoughts of man.

This 3D action game will see you pitting the forces of heaven and hell against each other in a series of challenges.



Mystery P.I.: The Lottery Ticket

Mystery P.I.: The Lottery Ticket

You are the world famous Mystery P.I. and you've been hired by Grandma Rose to find her winning $488 Million lottery ticket! Retrace Grandma's footsteps to collect clues by finding over 2200 cleverly hidden objects and solving puzzles.

As your investigation skills improve your P.I. rank increases -- strive for a "Perfect Investigation" to get big bonus points. Two addictive ways to play; Find the Ticket and Unlimited Seek & Find game mode. Find the Clues, Solve the Mystery!

Editor's Review:
"An amazing Hidden Objects game, great graphics, tons of items to find, and cool puzzle games to solve. I couldn't stop playing this game!" by Spinny

System requirements:
  • Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista
  • DirectX 7
  • 350 MHz
  • 128 MB RAM
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Carwash Tycoon

Spa Town is a compact town containing a shopping area, light industrial units and a residential district as well as six carwashing sites.

There are a total of six possible carwashing sites and six types of car in Spa Town and your aim is to establish which types of car prefer which sites, what price they are prepared to pay for car cleaning, which type of finance suits the business best and finally the most cost effective way of advertising your service.

When you are confident you have all the facts and figures you need, get your entrepreneurial hat on and start making some money!

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Sally's Salon

Help Sally spread her salon savvy in this colorful and engaging challenge! Work with Sally to beautify everyone from little old ladies to punk rockers in 10 unique salon locations. Wash, dye, cut, style and more in 50 levels of frantic, but fashionable, fun. Use your earnings to hire helpful employees and purchase salon upgrades to keep your clients looking and feeling their best! Only the stylist with the happiest (and best-looking!) customers will make the cut in this frenzy of family fun!

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NBC Heads Up Poker

Play the desktop version of NBC's popular Texas Hold 'Em poker tournament where players compete head-to-head to win! Choose and customize your player as you compete against powerful and cunning opponents in the traditional 64 player bracket! You have full control over how you play. Will you be reckless and aggressive or will you play it tight and consider your every bet? It's all up to you! There are a million ways to win the tournament - but only the best can be a champion!

System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP
Memory: 256 MB
DirectX: 9.0c or later
CPU: P800
Video: 64MB DirectX Compatible Video Card

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Dracula: The Days of Gore

Are you ready to face Dracula - the gentleman of the darkness, the
prince of the Vampire? If you are courageous enough, then you have the
opportunity it and its Dämonenbrut back into the Abyss to send now. As a
temple knight protects yourself you however not only with your faith, but

o with silver balls, submachine guns and Weihwasser. And you will also
need this arsenal over victoriously out of the fight against the bad to go.
Because also this is well prepared and the hordes/hurdles of the darkness
always thirsts for fresh blood. In eight enormous 3D-Leveln you fight
yourself from the Londoner cemetery over numerous stopovers until
Transylvanien forwards and here finally in the lock of Dracula themselves.
And this should not be particularly probably deliberate unsolicited guests
as one hears...

This comic-inspired first-person shooter will see you going up against a modern-day Dracula and his army of terrorist vampires and zombies.

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Neighbors From Hell 2 On Vacation

The reality TV show of neighborly nastiness and community commotion moves on to the next round. The neighbor from hell wants to enjoy an undeserved holiday – reason enough for Woody and the camera team to sneak along onto the cruise liner to make the nasty neighbour's holiday a living hell. This time, the neighbor's mum has joined him, and she is taking good care of her baby. Get the neighbor from hell into his mum's and fellow travellers' bad books, play tricks on him and give free reign to your vengeance.

The sequel to Neighbors from Hell brings the chaos onto a cruise liner.

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Amazing Adventures: The Lost Tomb

You are an adventure seeker who travels the world in search of forgotten & lost treasures. Search for hidden objects and circumvent unique puzzle traps to recover the most sought after treasures the world has ever known. Welcome to Egypt! A piece of an ancient map was discovered and is believed to reveal the location of the Lost Tomb of Egypt.

Under the direction of the Museum, you must immediately begin your adventure to locate the Lost Tomb and the treasures locked within!
Complete all 20 missions by finding hidden objects and circumventing unique puzzle traps. Good luck on your adventure!

Take on 20 missions traveling to amazing Egyptian locations like the Sphinx, the Great Pyramid of Giza, the River Nile, Thrones, Tombs, Cairo, and many more. Play over 100 levels with 7 different types of mini-games and puzzles. Find over 2000 hidden objects in 2 unique game modes: Find the Lost Tomb and Secret Game mode which is unlocked only after you have located the Lost Tomb or have found all the hidden Scarabs which have been left behind in each location.

System requirements:
- Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista
- DirectX 7
- 350 MHz
- 128 MB RAM

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The Hell in Vietnam

Set during the Tet Offensive, become an officer of the US Army and participate in one of its most bloody conflicts.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Yugi the Destiny





Pirates: Legend of the Black Buccaneer

The story is set in the Caribbean of the sixteenth century. The young sailor Francis Blade is caught in a strong storm on his way to the new world which leaves him shipwrecked on the coast of an island. On the beach he finds a mysterious skull-amulet which grants him magic powers of the terrifying Black Buccaneer.

With the help of these powers he finally finds out about a legendary pirate treasure! This exciting adventure leads the player through nine different worlds on 26 challenging levels where there are tricky mysteries and deathly traps. Various different ways to solve the adventure and two playable characters make this game great fun for a long time. The real-time 3D graphics create a very special atmosphere thanks to light and shadow effects and turn the idyllic palm beaches of the Caribbean into the most horrific voodoo nightmare.

Pirates: Legend of the Black Buccaneer is an adventure horror game set in the Caribbean in the sixteenth century.

Download pc game pirates legend of the black buccaneer:

Dora the Explorer: Dance to the Rescue

Join Dora, Swiper, Boots, Map, and Backpack in Atari’s DORA THE EXPLORER: DANCE TO RESCUE. Aimed for young children, the game presents a number of puzzles and educational games designed for both fun and education. DANCE TO RESCUE is based on the special double-length episode of the popular DORA THE EXPLORER cartoon series.

Dora may not always get along with Swiper, but when he’s kidnapped and trapped in a bottle by a mean dancing elf, she decides she has to rescue him. The only way to save him is to dance her way through an enchanted castle to win a wish. Dora’s dance routines take the form of a number of different puzzles, including matching, math puzzles, and language quizzes. Gamers will learn new math and language-related skills, including some Spanish words and phrases. A number of printable extra games are also included, allowing players to work on their skills when away from the computer. Young gamers who love Dora will love DORA THE EXPLORER: DANCE TO RESCUE. Parents will appreciate the educational opportunities and lessons the game teaches, and kids will have fun helping Dora and her friends.

Install Notes:
Use Alcohol 120% to Mount/Burn

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Sherlock Holmes: Mystery of the Mummy

Sherlock Holmes: Mystery of the Mummy is an adventure game replete with puzzles, many of them timed, which takes place in its entirety in a privately owned Egyptian museum. The museum also serves as the impressive residence of Lord Montcalfe, a student of the antiquities, who has seemingly passed his passion for archeology, as well as other traits, on to his loving daughter Elisabeth.

But, alas, Lord Montcalfe has come up missing and his adoring daughter has thoughtfully engaged Sherlock, her distant cousin, to find her missing father. You, as Sherlock, become a part of the unfolding mystery solo, sans Watson, as you enter the museum in search of the missing Lord. Be aware that puzzle content and frequency becomes increasingly more difficult as you progress in the game. Good luck, Sherlock!

The puzzles might seem appealing to longtime fans of traditional adventure games, but unfortunately, the game's graphics probably won't seem appealing to anyone other than adventure-game die-hards. Mystery of the Mummy runs at a fixed resolution of 640x480, though from the looks of it, the game itself was designed at an even lower resolution, because nearly everything in Mystery of the Mummy looks blurry and unfocused. It doesn't help matters that Mystery of the Mummy's color palette is generally dark and drab--especially when some of the game's puzzles require you to hunt for hidden items and switches. Considering that most modern computer games have begun to use 3D graphics, it's safe to say that Mystery of the Mummy would have, and should have, looked better with a fully 3D graphics engine.

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Sam and Max Ice Station Santa

They’ve only had a few months off, but evil waits for no vacation to finish. Sam & Max are back for another season of insanity! Ice Station Santa is the premier episode of the second season of 4cr-favorite Sam & Max. Does it live up to the first season? Is Max still a psychopath? Has Sybil finally settled on a job?

When a giant wind-up robot attacks the neighborhood, the freelance police leap into action. Turns out, the robot was an early gift from Santa. Wait, why would Santa send an evil pop-addicted robot? It seems that the jolly old saint has become a little more.. satanic. It’s up to the crime-fighting duo to remove the demon and save Christmas.

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Ice Station Santa is every bit as hilarious as its predecessors. The writing is still the sharpest in the business, brilliantly parodying everything from A Christmas Carol to modern politics. It’s noir satire at its finest. There are even a few touching moments, courtesy of Jimmy Two-Teeth’s family.

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TV Station Manager 1.22

TV Station Manager is a simulation game that lets you take control of a small independent TV station, about to go bankrupt.

The current TV boss hired you to help the company recover from this bad situation, so now it's up to you! You'll have full decisional powers! With an easy interface, including tooltips and a tutorial to get fast into the game, you can:

»Buy or Sell rights to display programs on your TV! With 16 different program categories, from Action to Gossip, Documentary to Kids, and three different types (movies, series and daily programs) you surely will find something that suit your tastes!
»Get exclusive advertising deals, based on specific public target and minimum attendance.
»Arrage everything into the weekly schedule. Put the right program at the right hour, and place the ads on the best program to earn money!
»If you're not satisfied about the current market offer for TV programs, make your own TV Show with the "Production Studio" ! Choose which actor/actresses will take part, decide the plot, the setting, and produce your own masterpiece!
»Check the situation with various statistics on the Company Management Screen and decide promotional campaign to attract a specific segment of the public

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The Time Portal 1.0

In the darkest corner of your attic you find a letter from your long lost uncle. He explains to you that he has been kidnapped by a jealous scientist because he succeeded in inventing a time-machine.

Your uncle has left you photos with hidden clues that show you the way to the time-machine. It is your task to reveal the clues, find the machine and rescue your uncle. The photos he gave you have mistakes. Find the mistakes in the photos to see which letters on their back are leading to the code. Complete the code to find the next place to go to. Help your uncle!

The Time Portal is a game that can be played by you alone or your whole family together. Just sit down and relax. Concentrate on the pictures. Everyone can play and enjoy the quest for the hidden clues. And if you're stuck, just click on the hint-button to get help.

System requirements:
• Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP
• DirectX 8
• 500 MHz
• 128 MB RAM

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Circus Empire

Circus Empire is a 3D circus simulation for the PC.

Circus Empire lets players customize their very own circus, from hiring and training the performers to scheduling tour dates to watching the show in beautiful, realistic 3D. With more than 70 performers, including acrobats, tightrope walkers, motorcyclists and a variety of animals, players can choose from hundreds of different performance moves to make their circus a unique entertainment experience.

As they build their circus act, players can follow the story campaign as their circus tours across North America, Asia and Europe, bringing joy and excitement to thousands of spectators. Circus Empire isn't just about great visuals, either; it's an in-depth simulation, complete with all the details of running a circus, including hiring, training, scheduling and even personnel and financial management.

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Clue Chronicles: Fatal Illusion

Clue Chronicles: Fatal Illusion
Don't expect any of the board game's promising elements to get much play in Clue Chronicles: Fatal Illusion.

It's New Year's Eve 1938. On board the private yacht of the wealthy and eccentric Ian Masque, you find yourself part of a "select" group of guests invited to an "unusual" New Year's Eve party. Each guest has a story to tell, but their connection to you and to each other remains hidden. Something strange is bound to happen, and everyone is a suspect.

Get ready to put your best deductive reasoning to work and unravel the true story behind this game. Along the way you'll find challenging puzzles to solve and mini-mysteries to unlock. This totally engaging mystery adventure is sure to keep super sleuths entertained from the opening scene to the exciting cliffhanging climax.

All of the game mechanics are competent and pitched to a novice adventurer, as are the straightforward puzzle solutions. From a first-person view, you move from point to point through prerendered period sets, questioning each guest via a pop-up memo pad of subjects. The scenery design is sparse, and the cutscenes lack any cinematic flair. An inventory of gathered objects also glides up from below. A visual catalog of suspects offers a bit of background and reminds you of each guest's possible motive in offing Ian Masque. The hint system is especially good, in that it lets you access up to three hints of decreasing obscurity at a given juncture in the game. At the very least, Fatal Illusion serves as a fair introduction to the adventure/puzzle style of play.

Game Features:
• New mystery in 4 acts
• 3 all-new settings
• New characters join the classic set
• Red herrings, minor mysteries & puzzles
• 20 solid hours of gameplay
• Cliffhanger ending

System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows® 95/98
Processor: Pentium® 133 MHz or higher
Memory: 16 MB RAM
Hard Disk Space: 80 MB Free
CD-ROM Drive: 8X Speed
Video: 2 MB Windows® 95/98 compatible SVGA video card*
Sound: Windows® 95/98 compatible sound card* (optional)
DirectX: DirectX version 6.1 (included) or higher


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Space Empires V

In Space Empires V, an entire galaxy is yours to manage! You control every aspect of amassive empire — and it’s up to you to keep it running. Create the politics systems required to keep whole worlds running, design technology, encourage commerce and create a space empire unlike anything the univrse has ever seen before! Detailed Race Creation - Unique ship models, race picture, racial traits, technology, history, and more Completely customizable game graphics - Create your own planets, stars, vehicles, etc.

Space Empires V is a space strategy game with plenty of depth and complexity, but it's so riddled with bugs and issues that it is ultimately tough to recommend.

The heart of strategic space-based 4X (Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate) games hasn't changed much since the early classics (SSG's Reach for the Stars, Microprose's Master of Orion): You start on a home planet in a big galaxy and harvest resources that allow you to build ships, which you send out to explore space and discover strange new worlds. You try to develop new technologies faster than other civilizations so that you can conquer their worlds before they conquer yours, and when you rule the universe, you win. Since the "what you do" of these games pretty much stays the same, a new entry like Space Empires V has to differentiate itself on the "how you do it." For example, how do you build a fleet of ships that will dominate space? How do you develop the advanced technologies required to prosper in a hostile galaxy? How do you deal with newly discovered civilizations? Space Empires V differentiates itself from other games in this genre (such as Galactic Civilizations II) with superb depth and complexity. For example, you have almost unlimited flexibility in the type of ships you can design--you're presented with an assortment of hull types upon which you can place any variety of weapons, cargo pods, people support, sensors, armor, and much more. You can design and build carriers and load them with small, nimble fighters, or you can build unmanned drones. Units such as satellites, invisible mines, and unrelenting guided missiles that will track an enemy throughout the galaxy provide endless offensive and defensive options. As you develop new technologies, more options are made available. The flexibility and complexity in this module is unmatched, but the complexity comes with a price (a common theme in Space Empires V), as sometimes it may take a lot of work to determine, for example, how to design a carrier with the proper combination of appropriate storage spaces to allow the maximum number of onboard fighters.

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The Sims Pet Stories

Take care of and train your lovable yet unpredictable pets in this laptop-friendly member of The Sim Stories series.

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Once Upon a Knight

There are many medieval fantasy titles — but none like the innovative Once Upon A Knight. Set within a world of treachery, nobility and milk (yes milk), Once Upon A Knight delivers powerful gameplay — while never taking itself too seriously. It features extensive play with a comprehensive real-time strategy mode and exciting RPG modes.

Throughout, Once Upon A Knight mixes hardcore depth and detail with a clever, tongue-in-cheek sensibility that appeals to a broad range of gamers. Forget what you know about fantasy titles — this one offers a milk-based economy, mothers-in-law, flying witches and secretive knights named Floyd. Whether players select RTS, RPG or both, they’ll find themselves in a brilliantly rendered setting, battling evil, saving damsels… and generally being noble and just.

DownloaD pc game once upon a knight:


Merchant Prince II

Merchant Prince II is a turn-based strategy game of economic, political, and military conquest. Venture deep into the heart of the Renaissance, a time when valiant traders braved storms, pirates, and disease to amass fortunes. Chart the treacherous Atlantic and overcome the desert heat, bringing untold wealth back from the four corners of the Earth. Join in the vicious politics, bribing senators, buying cardinals, and seizing offices ranging from General of the Venetian Home Army to the Pope himself! Venice stands on the brink of greatness.

Welcome to the age of the Renaissance, a time of miraculous advances and
extraordinary discoveries. Opportunities for the brave and adventurous
abounded. Trade and exploration dominated the era, as wondrous Venice
grew to prominence. Wealth beyond dreams flowed through Venetian coffers,
as this tiny city came to control much of the known world.

Merchant Prince II is a turn-based strategy game of economic, political,
and military conquest. Venture deep into the heart of the Renaissance, a
time when valiant traders braved storms, pirates, and disease to amass
fortunes. Chart the treacherous Atlantic and overcome the desert heat,
bringing untold wealth back from the four corners of the Earth. Join in
the vicious politics, bribing senators, buying cardinals, and seizing
offices ranging from General of the Venetian Home Army to the Pope
himself! Venice stands on the brink of greatness. Where it goes from here
is entirely up to you!

Minimum System Requirements:
Pentium 166 MHz, 32 MB RAM, Windows 95/98/ME, DirectX 7.0, SVGA graphics card, DirectX-compatible sound card, 4x CD-ROM drive, and 300 MB hard-disk space


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