Saturday, January 26, 2008

Space Strike v1.01

Space shuter on the basis of series Air Strike from DivoGames.
2307. 50 years ago humanity learned to improve environment. 15 years ago people began to colonize the Moon. Several
it is hour back radars they fixed extraterrestrial activity in the unstudied region of space, where red planet soon was revealed.
Now the fate of humanity depends on you as from the pilot of the most perfect space destroyer, created on the Earth.
In your arsenal this weapon, as pulse guns, quantum lasers and much other will prove to be.
In the game of 20 missions, 5 landscapes, original saundtrek and qualitative 3d- graph.
Space Strike” is an action-heavy “shoot-em-all” space arcade that challenges players to destroy the onslaught of aliens before they wreak havoc on humankind. The game takes players to the year of 2307. It is 50 years since the humans learned to enhance the environment of planets and 15 years since they have started to colonize the Moon. A few hours ago the radars detected a hostile presence within an unexplored area. This is where you step in.
Assuming the role of a spaceship pilot, you must unleash the fury of an awesome high-tech arsenal that includes impulse guns, quantum lasers, heat-seeking missiles, and much more in order to survive and blast away at alien invaders. You must destroy the alien spacecrafts, tanks, ground facilities and avoid enemy fire by maneuvering out of sticky situations.

file size: 14.5mb
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