Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Supreme Commander RIP (English only)

Supreme Commander represents the next evolution in the Real Time Strategy genre through its truly strategic and tactical gameplay and mind-blowing scale and scope, which is coupled with unrivalled zoom and control features.

Whats Ripped:
-silly Tutorials removed (better info you will find in supcom_manual.pdf)
-Few Videos recoded( Good Quality)
-No need for crack or DVD Image (SecuRom was removed in patch 3220)

RAR Password:

Installation Notes:
1.: Unrar and Extract archive content to:
C:Games or D:Games or E:Games

2.: Run *.reg file
Supreme Commander Path-Disc-C.reg - IF Game path is C:GamesSupCom
Supreme Commander Path-Disc-D.reg - IF Game path is D:GamesSupCom
Supreme Commander Path-Disc-E.reg - IF Game path is E:GamesSupCom.

3.: Say thanks in this thread!

If game doesnt run try this:

1)Install DirectX v9 2007
2)Install Microsoft .NET Framework v2
3)Try run SupremeCommander -safe mode.bat