Friday, February 15, 2008

Rollcage stage 2

The original Rollcage had six cars that you could race - plus Yuri's super car. Rollcage has five fictitious car manufacturers offering a total of 20 new cars to drive. Each car has a number of paint jobs on offer. You get a different set of paint jobs dependant on which difficulty you try in the league game. Some cool paint jobs can only be acquired by finding special keys in the league tracks. There's a special key hidden on every track.

New Game Modes
The main difference between the original Rollcage and Rollcage stage 2 is the sheer number of game modes available to both 1 and 2 players.

The aim of Rollcage Stage II is to offer a fun and rewarding game play experience for most occasions. Whether that's a quick blast after work (Arcade) or a challenging few hours racing (The League system) or a test of ultimate skill (Scramble). We offer the lot. With all the 2 - player games on offer as well who's going to want to play anything else after the pub?